The camping

During more than ‘50’ years, families from almost everywhere have stayed at the Camping Bon Repos. A reality that would have been impossible without quality service and adjusted prices that have positioned us as a favourite holiday destination for thousands of European tourist.

In fifty years the site has greatly expanded, and with it, different communications, services and tourism. Currently our site has a restaurant, supermarket, multipurpose room, terrace, swimming pool , medical care , entertainment activities , sports facilities … and of course ,the beach … All our plots have direct access to the beach and others are located under a lush of forest Mediterranean pines that guarantee a fantastic natural air conditioning of the entire environment.

Now days Bon Repos has definitely changed since we first opened in 1963, but!! If something hasn’t changed is the way we treat our customers. From day one our aim was and is to provide a close and friendly service as we like to receive ourselves.

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